Clean and repair your awning during the off season

Montreal has 4 seasons, the winter months give you the opportunity to dismount your awning and get it repaired. Repairs to stationary or retractable awnings can include sewing tears, removing stains, fixing, ordering replacement parts, upgrading the motor to smart tech or even cleaning the entire awning fabric. At the end of all the work, it is always wise to place your awning cover in storage for a spring reinstallation.

Allow the sun to help heat your home when it is cold, removing the awning seasonally also extends the life of the awning by avoiding harsh winter conditions, ice, snow load and additional sun exposure. Several styles of fixed and retractable awnings are designed to be removed for the winter. Awning etc. provides a professional takedown, proper awning cover storage, and re-installation service.

Have a certified professional service your awning ensures proper awning manufacturer authorized technique. It also allows our awning experts to visually inspect awnings we service for damages and inform you of repairs or alterations that can extend the life of your awning fabric. By letting the pro do the work you get the opportunity to know the job’s been done right.

Awnings Etc. is a certified Rolltec installer and Mitjavila Pro. We provide professional awning installation and awning repair services for all our awning brands. If you are considering recovering your awning, feel free to consult us on the options for awning fabrics, styles and new smart home options for retractable awnings. Our awning specialist comes to you and will get exact measurements.

Awning Removal

The frames for patio & free standing awnings are made of rust proof materials so they are left year round. The awning fabric is removed to avoid snow load and icicles which could damage the frame and fabric.

Storing Awning Covers

Every awning is dried before it is folded for storage. Storage can be at your home or our climate controlled secure facility. We provide a clean, heated, dry, rodent-free facility for storage.

Awning Re-installation

The benefit of using Canadian manufactured awnings is that they allow for an easy spring installation. Components that integrate proper attachments are designed into the awning allowing us to properly secure the cover.


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Based on many testimonials received from our clients, rest assured that your needs will be well looked after and you will be extremely pleased with your awnings as wee as the level of service provided to you by Rolltec®’s team of experts. Our commitment to customer satisfaction allows clients to focus solely on enjoying their time outdoors worry-free.