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Stationary Structure with a Retractable Awning Roof

Retractable motorized awnings are some of our hottest selling products but they are more prone to be damaged by heavy wind and should be retracted when not in use. A stationary awning is fixed in place with an aluminum frame that provides a much more solid structure. Now imagine a combination of the two! A hybrid awning takes the permanent structure from it’s fixed counterpart and is also retractable giving you the best of both worlds. Protection from the suns rays as well as rain, the hybrid structure is anchored to the wall and has two front posts providing a durability that allows the awning to withstand higher winds like its stationary awning counterpart.

Available in various sizes, hybrid awnings also come in a variety of acrylic fabrics and a plethora of colours and styles. Commercial grade structures avaiable for use in restaurants or residential grade to cover a balcony, patio or deck.

Hybrid Awning Benefits:

» Fixed Structure

» Retractable Awning

» Durable

» Lettering Available

» Protection from rain

» Motorized

Extend your restaurant or storefront with an Awning

Having a fixed structure allows you to extend your outdoor space to 3 season usage. Combined with our winter curtains or shade panels you can also use space heaters to warm up your clients on chilly spring days or cold fall nights. Hybrid awnings can also have signage applied to them allowing our clients to quickly recoup their investment and turn dead outdoor space into an additional revenue generation tool.