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At Awnings Etc., we offer professional cleaning services of your Rolltec®, Mitjavila and Sunbrella Shade Fabric products. We generally recommend that our customers perform a basic cleaning of the fabric of their awnings every year, but once every 5 years it is a good idea to remove the fabric from the awning and send it back for a good professional cleaning. For good measure, we apply the water repellent.

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    Professional service and proper fabric care

    You have invested a considerable amount to obtain a personalized awning. Now be sure to preserve that investment with the proper care and cleaning of your awning fabric! Awnings etc. is a certified professional of Rolltec, Mitjavila and Sunbrella and provides professional awning cleaning services for these manufacturers. Looking for awning maintenance instructions? See below.

    Our team travels in the fall to uninstall your fabric from its frame and during the winter, the blind is brought to our cleaning center and carefully washed. All stains removed and repairs completed. The awning fabric is then removed with water repellent and stored until spring to be reinstalled on your awning frame, ready to protect you, your family or your clients.

    Our most frequently asked question is, “How often should I thoroughly clean my awning fabric?” Sunbrella suggests. more frequent heavy cleaning. A deep cleaning of your awning is recommended every 2-3 years.

    Can cleaning the fabric myself void the warranty? Rolltec’s fabric guarantee states that “Improper use of detergents, chemicals, solvents, abrasive scrapers or brushes, or any other tools which may damage the fabric. be headache free!

    Cleaning your Rolltec Awning

    Annual maintenance of your awning keeps it clean and lasts longer! Read Rolltec’s cleaning instructions.

    Cleaning Sunbrella Awning Fabric

    Follow Sunbrella’s instructions for easy, daily maintenance of your Sunbrella awning. Cleaning a Sunbrella shade system.

    Removing stains from awning fabrics

    Sunbrella has provided a list of recommended DIY treatments to clean stains from your awning fabric. Solutions for specific stains.


    Remove remaining dirt and hose down the blind. Prepare a cleaning solution of mild soap and water, such as Dawn dishwashing liquid or Woolite detergent, then use a soft bristle brush to clean it. Allow the cleaning solution to soak into the fabric, rinse well until all soap residue is removed and allow to air dry. The fabric may not require a new water and stain repellent finishing treatment depending on the age of the fabric.