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Drop valances for extra sun protection

The first question we are typically asked is “what is an awning valance?”. The answer is quite simple, the valance is a small piece of material that hangs down from the front end of your awning for esthetic purposes, it also covers the arms when an awning is retracted. All awnings come with a standard valance of about 7-8 inches. A valance is sometimes printed with an address, company name or even website url for a commercial property. Years past you would see scalloped or fringes on the bottom edge of the valance as decor.

A “Drop Valance” is a longer piece of material typically up to 4 feet and used in residential applications; it is an attractive feature that does more than complement the look of your awnings. It is used at the beginning or end of a day for extra solar protection when the sun’s rays are at an angle. Many options of drop valences are available to you in both acrylic and soltis fabrics, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.


The retractable awning drop-valance is often referred to as the “awning within an awning”. Like a blind these drop shades retract into a cassette that is located at the end of the awning. It’s length can moderated from several inches to the full extension of 3 feet to block the maximum sunlight. Our drop valances are UV resistant and can be produced in conjunction with your awning so that you have a matching fabric. They can also be added on to existing awnings.

Drop valances can be rigid or scalloped, our experienced awning professionals will help you choose the options that best suit your needs. While offered fringes and scalloped valances may look good but are not recommended for our harsher climate. A straight rigid edge folded over gives a much stronger and longer lasting finish to your awning valance. To date there are no motorized drop valances do to the added weight.


The standard drop valance is an economical alternative to a full retractable cassette. Like the retractable drop valance, the removable valance is up to 4 feet long, but instead of retracting we use velcro strips that are sewn onto both the regular valance and drop valance. The drop valance is then manually connected whenever you want to install it and stored when you have no need for it.


 Acrylic fabric

 Soltis screen

 Up to 4 feet


 Colour variety

 Blocks the sun

 Rigid Edge

 Scalloped Edge

 Fringed Edge